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Wasm Cooking with GoLang

Philippe Charrière
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What is this e-book about?

This e-book comprises 23 complete recipes with the code examples necessary to reproduce these recipes.

  • Wasm & Go in your browser
  • Wasm & Go with Node.js
  • WasmEdge & Go
  • Wasm in the Cloud: Do you know Atmo? 😍

Why is this e-book different?

  • Ready to use recipes
  • We use Gitpod, so nothing to install, you can start coding right now 🚀
  • Low price: 10€I have always found the prices of books and e-books too expensive. When I was younger, I had to choose between books or beers. Now that I can easily buy books, I think I can offer a low priced book for everyone (and also because a tech book is often out of date after six months)

Table of Contents

Chapter(s) Preview(s)

📘: wasm in the browser 📗: wasm and Node.js 📙: wasm outside the JavaScript VM

I have a question; how do I ask it?

Create an issue here🦊 or ping me on Twitter: 🐦@k33g_org

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You will learn how to generate WebAssembly applications with GoLang and run WebAssembly in your browser and out of your browser.

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Wasm Cooking with GoLang

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